Zeta Marine Group represents Teakdecking Systems in Europe

Founded by Danish company HF Industri & Marine, Zeta Marine Group has since 2008 been Teakdecking Systems' leading European representative, setting up, supplying, and servicing distributors all over Europe.

Managing Director Hans Fokdal and his team are not new players in the business. Hans Fokdal’s on-going company has been in marine trading for more than 21 years. HF Industri & Marine has supplied all kinds of products used in Industrial and Marine composite business for many years.

Zeta Marine Group shares a warehouse with HF Industri & Marine in Denmark. The 1200 m² warehouse has a constant flow of products from Teakdecking Systems in Florida, USA. This ensures that the reliable products and services that Teakdecking Systems is known for are readily available.

Through our distributor network, we supply the high quality products from Teakdecking Systems to a wide range of customers all over Europe – from small boat owners to high volume production boat builders, custom yacht builders, boatyards, and major shipyards. Zeta Marine Group is Teakdecking Systems’ leading representative in Europe.

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Teakdecking Systems revolutionized the teak decking process and products

Teakdecking Systems®, also known as TDS, is the world`s leading and largest manufacturer of pre-assembled solid teak decks and interior flooring. TDS produces more than 15.000m2 of marine decking and interior flooring each year, employing approximately 130 people. After more than 35 years in the business, TDS today sets the standard for the highest quality decking and flooring on yachts.

Teakdecking Systems revolutionized the teak decking process by introducing the concept of pre-assembling modular teak decks. This vastly accelerated the installing process for yacht builders and yard operators.

In a search for ways to improve the quality and reliability of their teak decks, Teakdecking Systems® early on developed its own seam compound, SIS440 Teak Deck Caulking, and a special 1:1 epoxy adhesive, FE180A Fitting Epoxy, for bonding the teakdecking panels to the vessel’s sub-deck. Since then TDS have develop a wide range of fairing and fitting epoxies, where for example the SIS440 Deck Caulkingexcels by being primer free and available in 3 different colours: black, white and grey.

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All TDS products have continued to prove their worth. Evaluated by independent sources they are the highest rated products for their application in the teak decking field. Furthermore, all products are covered by Zeta Marine Group’s product liability insurance.


Our list of customers include major yacht builders and cruise lines. Download a list of a selection of references

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