Extended technical service and consulting

In addition to our sales of Teakdecking Systems® products, Zeta Marine Group offer an extended technical service due to the very big know-how and experience our team has in the yacht business.

We provide technical service to yacht owners or their representatives, the boatyards and teams that are doing the applications, our distributors and their dealers. This ensures that our customers receive all the benefits of Teakdecking Systems® very highly rated products and knowledge of the best application procedures. Our technical service relates to all aspects of decking on yachts or vessels.

sidekick Technical service

Get professional consulting

Teakdecking Systems® has more than 35 years of experience with manufacturing and installing custom decking and interior flooring in the marine industry. Therefore; due to ZMG`s long relationship with TDS, we can offer professional consulting regarding all issues related to exterior decks, interior decks, installations and general maintenance. This assures that our customers / clients gets the best possible product quality and technical service. Our technical service is:

"From the Highly Experienced to the Professional"

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